Neutral Isolator is the disconnector switch used in power utilities to separate equipment either from the energy source or the ground.

D-Switch – PESTECH’s branding for neutral isulator. Its robust and reliable design has been fully typed tested to the International Standard (IEC 62271 – 102 & IEC 60694 & certified by ASTA)

This disconnector switch is a “Double Break” isolator complete with manual or motorized operating mechanical drive suitable for both vertical and horizontal mounting.

D-Switch Features

  • Special designed fully tinted copper clamp provides adequate contact surface and supported by 2 stainless steel compression spring to provide adequate contact strength to withstand 2 seconds short time current test.
  • Central rotating shaft base consist of double bearing for smooth operation and the bearing housing is packed with graze on assembly and scale; eliminating the need for any maintenance.
  • Galvanized steel based has a very rigid design to fix the 3 numbers of insulators levelly. Adjustable rod clamp for the vertical drive rod allows on site adjustment.
Specification / Model DS-12-1600 DS-36-1600
Rated Voltage 12kV 36kV
Impulse Withstand Voltage 95 kVp 170 kVp
One minute dry flashover voltage 28 kV 70 kV
One minute wet flashover voltage 28 kV 70 kV
Rated short time current (3 sec) 25 kA 31.5 kA