PESTECH offers PREFABRICATED MODULAR SUBSTATION SOLUTION where an electrical substation can be ready for operation in a short period of time. A conventional electrical substation will require 18 to 24 months from engineering to complete construction. Prefabricated modular substation, on the other hand, can easily achieve 4 to 9 months saving on construction time and reduce workforce requirements thus provide a solution for saving of costs, time and labour.

Prefabricated modular substation is custom designed to project specification before assembled and tested at the factory. It is an alternative system to conventional substation where it can ensure fast track installation and commissioning at a minimum requirement of site works and skilled labour. This concept is an ideal solution for the urban, regional, remote environment and those exposed to inclement weather.

  • Prefabricated substation – EHOUSE
  • Skid mounted Electric Module
  • Prefabricated office and camp module


PREFABRICATED MODULAR SUBSTATION SOLUTION will enhance the process and operation through

  • Modular design, modular prefabrication and modular integration at site
  • Pre-tested and Pre-assembled
  • One stop project management including design, integration,testing and commissioning
  • Easy interfaces
  • Controllable and easy project management
  • Fast track installation and commissioning