VAS12 – Brochure Booklet

VAS12 Operating & Maintenance Manual

VAS12 is an integration of many years ofoperation knowledge and experience ofleading switchgear technology as a safe and ideal distribution power switchgear for the world. It is a modular product integrating the mechanical and electrical designs,offering all the possible configuration models. Other than IEC, VAS12 are also Complying With DET NORSKE VERITAS and can be utilized for onshore and offshore projects.

VAS12 Features:
• Rigid design and construction for high reliability.
• Flexibility of onshore and offshore use.
• Secure door handle with added lock.
• Easy busbar assembly for ease and faster production.
• Easy access to panel compartments.
• Easy maintenance.

Key complying standards:
• IEC 62271-200: AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear and Control Gear for rated voltage above 1kV
and up to and including of 52kV.
• IEC 60694-2002: Common Specification for HV Switchgear & Control Gear.
• IEC 62271-100: HV AC Circuit Breakers.
• IEC 62271-102: HV AC Disconnectors and Earthing Switches.
• IEC 62271-103: Switches for rated voltage above 1kV up to and including 52kV .
• IEC 62271-105: AC Switch-fuse combination.
• IEC 62271-106: AC Contactors & Contactor based Motor Starters.