Neutral Earthing Resistor(NER) have been widely used in most of power utilities to protect power transformer and power generator against fault current. The main function of NER is to limit the earth fault current returning to the transformer through the neutral point of a transformer or generator to a safe value.

RES – PESTECH’s branding for NER has fully type tested according to IEEE32 international standards, KEMA and SIRIM. Our products are widely accepted in both local and international market.

Functions of NER

  • Limit earth fault current to a safe value to eliminate extensive damage to switchgear, generators or transformers
  • Allowing earth fault current to go to ground in order for the ground o/c relays to operate
  • Operate safely within the required time of 10 seconds under normal circumstance, for sustaining the earth fault current
  • Limit the fault current to few hundred amperes (A) instead in range of kA during fault current

Design Specification

Voltage 33kV 11kV
Resistance 4 Ω 8 Ω
Related Current 1600 A 800 A