EFIPRO TC Hydraulic Lifter is part of the PESTECH’s EFIPRO efficient civil construction product range, which aimed to improve the efficiency of handling civil construction process.

It is specially designed and manufactured in Malaysia, while another range of product – EFIPRO TC GFRC Trench Cover were introduced. Both EFIPRO TC and EFIPRO TC Hydraulic Lifter work perfectly with each other as lifting the trench cover can be easily achieved by pushing downwards and upwards of the lifting handle. Traditionally, there is a minimum manpower of 2-3 persons needed in order to move a trench cover, which had incurred higher human and time cost. This EFIPRO TC Hydraulic Lifter has ease the entire lifting action where it allows lone worker to lift the trench cover whenever they wish to do any maintenance works at the site.

The device made up of mild steel with support of rollers, which helps easy moving of the EFIPRO TC Hydraulic Lifter.

Feature EFIPRO TC Hydraulic Lifter
Capacity (kg) 10 – 25
Lifting Height (mm) 300 – 600
Dimension (mm) 1550 x 670 x 600
Total Weight (kg) 20

EFIPRO TC Hydraulic Lifter offers the following advantages:

It is special designed fully suite EFIPRO TC GFRC Trench Cover with safer and easier handling method
Able to reduce the risk of lifting or twisting injuries with the help of hydraulic system
Easy storage of device as it will only taken up minimal storage
Highly durable with low maintenance cost
It will helps the employer to comply with manual lifting regulations where maintenance can be done in a safer manner