An individually-designed solution incorporating Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) as the transmission media, RFL Multiplexer and Teleprotection products all in one panelthat offers a unique mix of communication function.

Comply to ANSI/ IEEE/ IEC standards with respect to RFI, SWC, EMI and Fast Translent requirement.

Key Features

  • Completeness
    A comprehensive range of network elements for all transmission need
  • Flexibility
    A wide range of voice, data, status, telemetry, Ethernet, transfer trip and video channel interface that meet communication requirements.
  • Automation
    All SDH, Access Multiplexer and Teleprotection equipment offer ultimate Network Management System
  • Modular Design
    Incorporates a midplane/backplane motherboard design. This eliminates the need of internal chassis wiring when adding new channel cards. Simplifying the upgrade
  • Simplicity
    With SDH, Access Multiplexer and Teleprotection all in one panel, eliminating length of intermediate wiring hence further reduce unnecessary noise induce in cables.
  • System Support
    One support for different equipment, this could reduce system down time while waiting for different supports from different vendors.