efficient civil construction product range.It is designed with the aims to improve the efficiency of handling civil construction process.

EFIPRO-TC GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) Trench Cover is an “asbestos” free and portland cement based product reinforced with special alkaline resistant glass fibre that are randomly dispersed throughout the product.It is being widely used as drain cover, trench cover, and as light weight building materials for the building facade, architectural features etc.

GFRC was first introduced to the building industry in the early 1970’s in United Kingdom.Today, it is one of the most popular and innovative building materials used throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia.


The design of GFRC trench cover is complying with the following standards:-

1. PCI-MNL-128
The recommended practice for GFRC Panel for Precast/Prestressed Concret Institute.

2. BS 6432:1984
British Standard Methods for Determining Properties of GFRC Material.

3. BS 8110: 1997
Bristish Standard for the design and construction of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures

4. Cem-Fill GRC Technical Data
Cem-Fill International, Vetronex, Spain.


The mix design used for the manufacturing of GFRC trench cover consists of:-

Alkaline resistant glass fibre of 3.5%-5% by weight
Zirconia content of not less than 16%
Portland cement compliying with BS12
Sand with minimum silica content of 96% by weight
1.5-150 microns particle size, water and admixture as required

A typical GFRC product mix can be in the proportion as follows, that for every 50kg of portland cement used, it requires;-

Portland cement : 50 kg
Silica sand : 50 kg
Glass fibre : 3.5-5% by weight
Super plasticizer : 0.5 kg
Water : 17 kg


GFRC offers the following advantages over conventional reinforced concrete products as follows:-

– It is light weight, hence easy handling by either 1-2 persons or by using our customised EFIPRO-TC special hydraulic lifter and quick installation. With density of 2000kg/m3, It is about 50-70% lighter than conventional concrete product.

– It is highly durable, of high fire and weather resistance, of very low water absorption and is almost maintenance free.

– It can be designed and moulded into almost any size, shape and colour, with customer logo, if required.

– It can be produced in large scale in factory for consistent quality and aesthetic control.

– It can be customized with edge protection feature if required by owner. For example, protection against localized chipping.

Any size of GFRC panel can be produced depending on the trench width requirements. Some of the sizes that have been produced are as follows:
1)   950 x 300 x 50 (t) – 28kg
2) 1375 x 300 x 50 (t) – 40kg

The allowable deflection limit based on BS 8110:1997 with live load of 100kg for a trench cover size of 1350mm (L) x 300mm(W) x 50mm (t) is 5.75mm.

On EFIPRO-TC trench cover actual deflection test, the deflection recorded are:
0.00 mm under   200kg live load
1.50 mm under   490kg live load
3.00 mm under 1000kg live load
This is far exceeding the deflection acceptance criteria as specified by BS8110:1997.