BCD 9708 Binary Coded Decimal Converter

The BCD Converter is designed to convert DC voltage signal into binary signal. Its electronic circuit senses a voltage signal and generates an output signal consisting of two BCD digits, proportional to the voltage measured.

BCD Converter Features

Normally open/closed output function

Typically, the BCD signal features positive voltage values in its application. For instance, the high levels may be +24V while the low levels are 0V. By adding the normally open/closed function that is in inverse to the typical application. In other words, the high levels would be 0V while the low levels would be +24V.

0 to 19 position display

BCD is able to produce display signal from 0 to 19 on the BCD Input Display Unit.

Dual Output Port
The BCD Converter can be used together with the BCD Input Display as one of its output signal display. Another output port can be used as optional port to be connected to SCADA during testing, of to be used by other means deemed fit by the user.


BCD Input Display

2 Digit BCD Input 1/8 DIN Display

The TPI 9109 is specially designed to convert Binary signal into numeric value. It is a simple panel mounted with 2-digit display of 13mm height that can provide clear visibility. The unit comes with a pull up/down and data polarity function, which provides extra flexibility to the customer of different requirements.

BCD Input Display Features

  • Easy to wire, screw-type terminals
  • Outside dimension is DIN standard (96 x 48mm)
  • Pull up/down and data polarity function
    (Suitable for normal open/closed input supply based on customer requirement)
  • Input signals
Format 4 bits per digit1,2,4,8,10,20,40,80
Logic Selectable, high/low level=Logic 1
Voltage Level 24 VDC
  • Display
Format 2 digit of 7 segment LED (Red)
Digit Height 13mm
Viewing Distance 6.7m max
  • Power Supply
Supply Voltage 21 – 26 VDC
Power Consumption 2 Watts