Increase in Revenue (Unofficial Translation)

By October 21, 2021Latest News

Disclosure Details:

Period Fiscal Year
1 – Details of Changes Current Fiscal Year Previous Fiscal Year Change Amount Change Rate (%)
– Sales Amount KHR 273,628 million KHR 203,014 million KHR 70,614 million 34.8%
– Operating Profit KHR 31,033 million KHR 64,680 million (KHR 33,647 million) (52.0%)
– Net Profit/Loss KHR 5,980 million KHR 29,443 million (KHR 23,463 million) (79.7%)
2 – Shareholder Equity ≥30 Billion KHR
3 – Description Increase in Revenue
Decrease in Operating Profit
Decrease in Net Profit
4 – Reason The revenue for the financial year 2021 recorded at KHR 273,628 million representing an increase of KHR70,614 million or 34.8% as compared to the financial year 2020 recorded at KHR203,014 million. The increase was mainly derived from execution of electrical infrastructure projects in Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

The decrease in operating profit from KHR 64,680 million in financial year 2020 to KHR 31,033 million in financial year 2021, representing a decrease of KHR 33,647 million or 52.0% was mainly due to higher profit margin attributable to completion of two major projects in financial year 2020.

Net profit recorded at KHR5,980 million, representing a decrease of KHR23,463 million or 79.7% as compared to the net profit for the financial year 2020 at KHR29,443 million. Higher net profit in financial year 2020 was due to higher profit margin attributable to completion of two major projects.