First Quarterly Report of PESTECH (Cambodia) Plc. in 2021

By November 16, 2020Latest News

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First Quarter Report of PESTECH (Cambodia) PLC (“PCL”) in 2021

The Board of Directors of PCL is pleased to announce that the revenue for the 3 months financial period under review (“Q1 2021”) recorded at KHR74,448 million representing an increase of KHR31,739 million or 74% as compared to KHR42,709 million for the preceding year corresponding quarter (“Q1 2020”). The increase was mainly derived from phases of execution of existing contracts.

Despite higher revenue, Loss Before Tax (“LBT”) in Q1 2021 was recorded at KHR188 million, as compared to profit before tax of KHR1,822 million in Q1 2020, representing a decrease of KHR2,010 million or 110%.

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