[Disclosure] Decision on Non-Dividend Distribution (Unofficial Translation)

By January 30, 2024Latest News

Disclosure Details:

1 – Type of Dividend Others
2 – Total Dividend Amount N/A
3 – Dividend Payout Ratio N/A
4 – Dividend Per Share N/A
5 – Dividend Period Annually
6 – Record Date 2023-11-07
7 – Payment Date 2023-12-07
8 – Date of Resolution 2023-12-07
9 – Description PESTECH (CAMBODIA) PLC. (“PEPC”) is pleased to announce to all shareholders that PEPC will not distribute dividend to shareholders for financial year ended 30 June 2023. PEPC recorded a Loss After Tax of KHR23,246 million, representing a decrease of KHR25,716 million as compared to the Profit After Tax for the financial year 30 June 2022 at KHR2,470 million. The Board of PEPC had proposed not to declare dividend for the financial year ended 30 June 2023 due to the loss-making position. The shareholders attending the Annual General Meeting conducted on 7 December 2023 had voted in favour of such resolution.
10 – Reason N/A