[Disclosure] Change of Board of Director (Unofficial Translation)

By January 30, 2024Latest News

Disclosure Details:

1 – Before Change Name N/A Mr. Dav Ansan N/A
Position N/A Independent Non-Executive Director N/A
2 – After Change Name Ms. Pan Seng Wee Mr. Dav Ansan N/A
Position Executive Director Independent Non-Executive Director N/A
3 – Date of Resolution 2023-12-07
4 – Date of Change 2023-12-07
5 – Description During the Annual General Meeting of Pestech (Cambodia) Plc., the shareholders had voted and resolved on the approval of Ms. Pan Seng Wee as an Executive Director pursuant to Article 17.1 of the Company’s Articles of Incorporation. In addition, the existing Director, Mr. Dav Ansan was elected as the Company’s Independent Non-Executive Director to continue his term of office until 31 December 2026.
6 – Reason of Change Upon the aforesaid new appointment and election of Directors, the current composition of the Board of Directors now consists of five (5) directors and hence, complied with the Company’s Articles of Incorporation.