A complete integration solution, facilitates full control or remote access to various Intelligent Electronic Device (IEDs) database by creating a gateway to each IEDs through respective manufacturer’s own proprietary software.

WACS – PESTECH’s branding for substation interrogation and monitoring system solution. The core equipment of WACS, P9680 TIP-D (TCP/IP to Serial data Switch) offers an unique Ethernet interface for remote user to communicate to the IEDs.

P9680 TIP-D operates as a transparent gateway, while WACS IED HTML software act as a “link” to launch the IED manufacturer’s own software tools, enabling remote setting of IED operational parameter, acquisition of IED fault and oscillographic data.

WACS Features

  • P9680 TIP-D Switch
    Various serial port interface card are available, being:-
    – RS 232
    – RS 485/422
    – Fiber Optic
    Up to 14 IED Interface Modules, Each module has 3 serial interfaces for connecting IEDs
  • WACS IED System
    HTML based software runs under Internet Explorer that provides user friendly means of configuring the P9680 TIP-D, diagnosing the P9680 TIP-D status and auto launching the IEDs dedicated software
  • Fiber to RS 232/485/422 Converter Provide various range of DC power supply option
  • Industrial PC Server Hardware with Software Operating System
  • Ethernet Managed Switch
  • WAN/LAN Router
  • A Smaller Scale Integration Solution – Micro TIP-D Switch It comes with fiber optic interfaces connecting to maximum number of 4 different manufacturer’s IEDs. Each interface is capable of connecting up to maximum of 32 IEDs in one loop.