A comprehensive range of control and protection panels that is capable to enhance power system stability, availability and reliability.

COPS – PESTECH’s branding for control and protection panel is suitable to fulfill various design/protection requirements by serving the highest quality and performance standards. Nevertheless, it enhances the reliability and durability of substation HV equipment such as circuit breaker TX, switchgear and generator.

Products Range

  • Control and Protection Panel (RTU & SCS IEC 6850 Design)
  • Synchronizing Panel (Swing Type)
  • Outdoor Marshaling Kiosk
  • Remote Tap Changer Control Panel
  • Local Control Panel for GIS Switchgear
  • Energy Metering Panel
  • Junction Box (various type)

With the cost effective solutions and in-depth knowledge in control and protection design, it can meet different applications, type and configurations of substation for both new and rehabilitation projects.

COPS Features and Benefits

  • Simplex and duplex panel design
  • Suitable for power system level from 11kV to 500kV
  • Completely metal-enclosed, free standing, floor mounting installation
  • Suitable for flush, semi-flush, surface mounting of electrical protection equipment
  • Dust and vermin-proof IP rating (min IP42 – IP54)
  • Colored Mimic Bus Diagram is provided on the front of control panel, showing bus bars, feeders, power transformers, circuit breakers, grounding switches for each level.