PESTECH has been awarded a contract by METIX Malaysia Sdn Bhd for the design and engineering for the primary, secondary, civil, PFC and ancillary system, procurement, manufacturing, factory , testing, project management, site supervision, installation, inspection, punch listing, cold and hot commissioning of the 132/33/11kv power distribution system in Sakura Ferroalloys Project, Bintulu Sarawak.

It has 132kV Outdoor air insulated switchgear with double bus bar consisting of: two underground cable bar; three 132/33kV transformer bay; one bus couple bay; and switchyard equipment.

The project kick-off meeting was 18 December 2013 and the contract period is 18 months.

As a full service power systems technology company, PESTECH has over the years established itself internationally with a proven track record in Malaysia and overseas in countries such as Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, and Ghana among others.